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What is a framework?

25 Jun

Today I found an interesting article about design and strategy in programming. It provides a quite basic understanding about how to write a good application.

Those are quotes from the authors of Design Patterns that the author like, and I do so:

"When you use a toolkit, you write the main body of the application and call the code you want to reuse.  When you use a framework, you reuse the main body and write the code it calls."

"Not only can you build applications faster as a result, but the applications have similar structures.  They are easier to maintain, and they seem more consistent o their users.  On the other hand, you lose some creative freedom, since many design decisions have been made for you."

"If applications are hard to design, and toolkits are harder, then frameworks are hardest of all.  …Any substantive change to the framework's design would reduce its benefits considerably, since the framework's main contribution to an application is the architecture it defines.  Therefore it's imperative to design the framework to be as flexible and extensible as possible."